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Ecommerce Pay Per Click Services

Today, a major portion of the population is turning to the internet to find the answers to their queries. These queries consist of searches for products and services. Moreover, it has also been found that online ads make it quite easy for the end-users to find the correct service providers for themselves. This seems like a business opportunity for the online businesses who could make use of internet ads, as they can relay traffic to their website and ultimately result in providing better sales.

The best way of advertising your products and services is undoubtedly Pay per Click or PPC. If you own an online brand or business, then PPC can do wonders and help you grow it to new heights. So, what exactly will PPC do for your business? The answer is, it targets the customers who are already interested in your business. Which means it helps businesses to meet customers.

Qafie Consultancy is a leading pay-per-click company that would help you boost your business. We will optimize your brand campaigns and grow revenue based on the decision you make using the data and statistics with our pay-per-click management services.

Our Expertise

We offer an Outcome Services

Search advertisement

  • Target potential leads
  • Paid placement of your campaign
  • Not limited to one location in SERP

Display advertisement

  • Target new audience
  • Stay on the radar of a new audience
  • Visually appealing ads for better engagement

Remarketing Ads

  • Customized display ads for the previous visitor
  • Dynamic remarketing strategy for your campaign
  • Increased brand affinity

Product listing Ads

  • Wider reach with online marketing strategy
  • Enhanced visibility through prominent display
  • Higher conversion rates with product image and prices

Amazon Ads

  • Sponsored posts for your campaign
  • Product display Ads for your campaign
  • Target your keyword with Headline search ads

Facebook Ads

  • Drive brand awareness
  • Experience brand engagement with like, share, and follows
  • Custom campaign for your business

Why Choose Us

Qafie Consultancy has been a great PPC management company for quite some time, and we have impacted the industry for many reasons. Our clientele is always satisfied with our services and has availed these services for boosting their business and giving themselves the desired results. There are many reasons why businesses choose us, some of which are,

No Silos

Qafie Consultancy's PPC program is built in such a way to support the overall digital marketing, content marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and search engine optimization (SEO).

Contracts are not of long-term nature

There is no long-term contract in Qafie Consultancy. PPC contracts are based on month to month policy and 30 days' notice to cancel them.

No Autopilot

We manually manage campaigns on a daily or weekly basis depending on the spend. So that our PPC managers always keep improving their account performance on quickly basis.

Dedicated account manager

We dedicate an account manager for your services and with this you will be getting proper reports and he would be looking over the project ensuring timely delivery and quality assurance.

Work with industry experts

We are having some of the best developers who are experienced as well as trained for every project. They have performed the work first hand and deliver their expertise at every point.

Get a new high score

We at Qafie Consultancy are always looking to provide a new and improved result for the project we have taken. This means that we not only manage your campaign, but ensure that you get better results for it.

How We Proceed

For us, at Qafie Consultancy, every project is an opportunity to showcase our talents. We ensure that every project receives the success it is targeting, and to achieve that, we follow a tried and tested methodology. Our process of proceeding with your work includes. • Understanding the goal • Analyzing the business opportunity • Executing the business strategy • Deliver and update the project


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You might have a lot of questions at in your mind related to services. Let us answer them all for you to make informed decisions.

PPC is an abbreviation of Pay-per-click. PPC advertising is a way of marketing on the internet in which the advertisers have to pay a certain amount as a fee every time a user clicks on an ad. It helps in driving traffic to your webpage.
PPC ad spends the amount spent on marketing of products. If the amount is at a contribution margin of 5x, then the amount is transformed into profit. Further, the profit gained can be invested in advertising and marketing.
Various factors determine the PPC costs that include keyword bids, competition, quality score, and other factors like seasonal or holiday offers, etc.
PPC advertising works on setups of PPC campaigns. By this means, you decide how much you are willing to pay per click to advertise on top of your website on organic searches. Set a CPC limit, and once your daily amount is deducted, the search engine will stop showing the ad on your website.
There are three different ways to check conversion tracking that are first is manual, second is with the help of tag assistance, third by activation of the preview mode. All these ways let you know if the conversion tracking is working correctly or not.