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We Ensure with the best cross-platform mobile app development services. Expert development team of the top mobile software development company comprises developers from various creeds - .ANDROID, iOS, WINDOWS, REACT JS, FLUTTER and many others. The apps we develop are customized as per the clients’ requirements and are targeted at multiple platforms.

We offer customized solutions to the clients so they can get better ROI from their business. The features of these apps include better performance, multiple OS support, wider reach, scalability, and features the client may even require in the future. Moreover we provide updates to our clients along with Tech Support when it is required most. We believe in building relations and this is one way of strengthening our ties with the client. That is why, Qafie is the top Mobile app development company in India.

Our Expertise

We offer an Outcome Services

Hybrid Mobile App

  • Single Code for Multiple Platforms
  • Scalable on Any Platform
  • Low Development Cost

Android App

  • Targeting Multiple Operating Systems
  • API’s available in Abundance
  • Support from Google

iOS App

  • Shared on all Apple Devices
  • In-built Security
  • Scalable App Development

Cross-Platform App

  • Single Codebase Apps
  • Support from Google and Apple
  • Secure Customized Apps


  • Customized to Clients’ Needs
  • Best UI/UX Design
  • Responsive Designs for Different Devices

iPhone App

  • Secure and Stable Apps
  • Faster App Development with Swift
  • Less Load Time

Why Choose Us

We have been in business for a number of years and have never lost a single client. It's not we who force our clients to do so, rather it’s our work that speaks for us. Here is why our clients like to work with the top-notch hybrid app development company:

Customer Focused

Our development team is focused just on the clients’ needs. They do everything in their reach to satisfy the client.

Making Apps from Ideas

No doubt our developers make the apps but the ideas are the clients’. It’s the combined effort of the developers and the client that make for an interesting app.

Enabling Profitable Businesses

Our developers ensure the apps they develop will bring big profits for the clients. they develop customized, scalable.

Latest Technologies

Our developers use the latest technologies like Swift, Flutter, Kotlin, React JS etc. to develop the best app for the clients.


Yes, we are reachable 24x7. Our clients can contact us anytime or any day to discuss the project details.

SEO Rankings

Our developers ensure the clients’ apps get the best SEO Ranking on the web or anywhere on the search engines. This is also profitable for the clients.

How We Proceed

While developing our clients’ app, it is a must that we follow all the thumb rules so as to satisfy the clients. As such the SDLC model is our guide to follow. We start the cross-platform mobile app development process by discovery, move onto analysis, then development and finally to the delivery of the app.


Client Business






Progress Report


You might have a lot of questions at in your mind related to services. Let us answer them all for you to make informed decisions.

It depends upon the clients’ requirements. For Android you could use Flutter, and for iOS it could be Swift.
Mobile app development requires knowledge of app development languages like Kotlin, Swift, Objective C, and even Java. Other skills can include Flutter and Swift.
This may vary with features. However, our apps are all cost-effective.
For Android - Kotlin, Java, and for iOS - Swift, Objective C
Yes. Just ask the developers and they will provide you with the requisite changes without having to take the app offline.