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Custom Web Application Development

If you are looking to start an online business, then a website is of foremost necessity. The website becomes the face of your business and thus, needs to be quite good to attract customers. The website should also be engaging and responsive without high load time, as a website with high load time is not recommended.

This is where we at Qafie Consultancy come into the picture and deliver our custom web application development services. We at Qafie Consultancy as your web application development company will provide you with a diverse range of web development services that will fulfill the requirements of various industries.

We do not provide off-the-shelf products to our customers but develop a project which is made specifically for them and their business. This way, each business gets a new and unique identity which will help them grow exponentially and reach their desired goals.

Our Expertise

We offer an Outcome Services

Front End Development

  • Use of technologies such as JQuery, JavaScript, and others
  • Creating interactive components for a great look for your website
  • Engaging content for your website

Back End Development

  • Excellent server-side coding for data flow back
  • Data coding in various languages
  • The stable back-end for web-based services

MVP Development

  • New website development with sufficient features
  • Satisfy early visitors and audience
  • to Get feedback and then develop a complete website

Cross Platform App development

  • Get an application compatible with every platform
  • One codebase for every platform
  • PWA, hybrid app development, RMAD, and other

E-commerce Solutions

  • Seamless and scalable online store using Magento, Shopify, etc.
  • Powerful online store for all eCommerce companies
  • Payment gateway and other page development

Web-based product development

  • Web integration services
  • Web Portal Development
  • Enterprise Web development

Why Choose Us

We at Qafie Consultancy, as your custom web application development company, will tailor out our approach for every business based on their goals and scale. We always ensure to provide on-trend designs and develop quick and efficient projects for every industry and business. Our process of custom web application development is quite unique, and we believe in that. There are many reasons why companies love to work with us, some of these reasons include

High performance

To keep the speed at the lowest, we ensure that HTTP request is reduced, minify the webpage, provide a cookie-free domain to you and use the SSD hosting so that the website has great speed.


we ensure that your website is protected. With the protected website and no chances of getting malware, your end-users will be having their peace of mind and surf through it without any problem.

Agile Approach

We also perform quick sanity checks for the website and ensure that we are not spending time on the things that are not adding any value to your website.


You will get the option of getting your website developed on the technology you want. This means that at the later stages of development, you can scale up your business based on your requirements.

Content management

With these tools, your website could be managed by non-technical members of your team. Therefore, they can make an edit to the website or update any information without any technical assistance.

Customized services

You will pay only for the services that you have opted for. This means that you can do away with the services that you don’t want on your website. So, website development becomes affordable and easy.

How We Proceed

To meet the demand and requirement of the project, we follow a tried and tested methodology to deliver our web application development solutions. This methodology is a strategically planned process that will deliver you top-notch websites. • Information acquisition from a client • Selection of the software and third-party tools • Research and development • Prototyping and delivering the project


Client Business






Progress Report


You might have a lot of questions at in your mind related to services. Let us answer them all for you to make informed decisions.

Every growing business requires a web application to reach out to its target audience. Stating the basic facts, web applications and mobile apps are not the same things. Custom web applications are intricately designed to receive, stock, and process data.
Begin with elaborating the problem you’re working with and find a solution. Go forward and plan the workflow. Prototype the app and seek authentication. Build your web application and ensure testing it prior to deploying your custom web application.
Yes, you can build your own custom web application. All you need to begin with is an authentic idea and then move on to market research. Furthermore, you can design, develop and launch your app. We at Qafie consultancy offer guidance to build your own app.
The development methodology includes architecting and building the database (collection of data) and developing the front end, and building the back-end of your app. Frontend refers to the visible features of your app, and the back-end revolves around the management of the data.
Developing your web app is expensive not only in terms of money but also in time. It requires at least 3-4 months to design the app. You need to invest a good amount of money in developing your app for modernization, maintenance, and security. Our team at Qafie Consultancy is here to help you.