How To Build A Mobile App Without Coding?

Auther : Umang Shah Published : 22 April 2022
How To Build A Mobile App Without Coding?

Developing and designing a no-code app can be a hard process. However, if you dream of it and don't know where to start, Qafie Consultancy is here to help. Just follow our tips and tricks with all the details mentioned. We are a Custom mobile app development company that helps you to create an app for yourself even when you aren't much advanced in writing code. You can think of hiring a designer who can develop an app for your business but can be way too expensive even when you're hiring someone with less expertise and experience. More the complex the app, the pricier it gets in the long term.

It requires a lot of effort, time, hard work, and resources that go behind the scenes of a mobile app with lavishing features on no-code, cross-platform mobile app development services. Fortunately, we are here to guide you on how to? What to do? When to? There are a few things that you must take into consideration before making a cross-platform mobile app:

  • Guide to follow: We will provide you with a comprehensive guide right from scratch to execution. If you don’t have a mobile app builder app in development services, then you have a lot of tasks to do like preparing ideas for the mobile app like its name, content, visual feel, and any sort of detail that you want to add. After thorough looking, editing them (as per your need), and rewriting them you’re all set to start building your app.
  • Lots of critical research: Try to find what products are already present in the market which are in support or contrast to your idea. Do critical research to know what the users are expecting from your app like reading reviews on several platforms to see from the user's perspective. Ask questions, what the strategies of your competitors are, and do a SWOT analysis.
  • Define the purpose of your application: what are the functionalities? How will it add value to users as well as the market as a whole?
  • Type of app technologies: there are three types of apps; Native app, Hybrid app, and web app, find out the pros and cons of each one of them and select the one that goes best with your purpose.
  • Monetization you can monetize your app and generate revenue, make money, you need to select the right model that goes along with your business. Some common models are- Freemium apps, Premium apps, subscription, in-app purchase, sponsorships, and in-app ads.

And that’s it!

These were all the prerequisites. Now, finally, you are ready to build your mobile app development company in India. We will talk about building a codeless Android mobile app in the details mentioned below:

  • Use a template or build a blank app: whether you want an app for travel, fashion, reselling, or small business or selling paintings, you need to showcase your work or product. Select a template to save a lot of time, effort and change the theme as per your liking. You will also have to assign an app title or name in this step, having a creative and catchy name can attract the eye of the audience as well as convey your ethics, goals, and values too. It carries deep personal, cultural, and historical connections. Hence, choose the name wisely.
  • Navigation and logos: placing icons in the right positions can improvise the overall look, such as next to the texts, and providing eye-catching visuals make your profile way more attractive. Choose attractive images or logos for the background.
  • Modify your app’s theme with high app creator: change your app’s color, play along with background basic background color with navigation bar, overlays, drawer layouts, and drawer layouts, and text and caption color.
  • Add your best features: We make sure to add the best of your features without taking any risk.
  • Add content to your app here comes the main part; add all the contents of the subject you decided to work on taking care of the right color combination, font style, size, etc.
  • Preview: check on your device to check the final modifications required to complete the app.
  • Publish your app.

Improve your optimization and visibility on the play store app. Your app's success highly depends upon the app’s metadata, this is the most crucial thing to do as it helps in app visibility and helps to get you discovered well by the target audience or clients. Hence, your cross-platform mobile app development services getting noticed is one of the key things you should focus on after publishing your app.

Lastly, you require some elements for Google Play Store to get noticed, some of which are using attractive and eye-catching app icons that suit your business or project’s genre, a creative app name which is one of the highly influential factors in the success of your app. This enables people to discover you. Visuals and videos build the most effective interaction between clients and company, they not only improvise the decision-making ability of customers but also make the customer stop and think about the application and engage in your app. Henceforth, making your codeless app successful.